Mother Trucking Street Food

So you want to open your own restaurant but you don’t have enough money. What do you do? Simple. Buy an old truck, put your kitchen in that and sell your delicious street food to the good people of Warsaw.

Food Trucks have been a familiar site in Warsaw for the past few years, and the number is growing annually as more chefs bring their unique tastes to the streets. This low-risk way of bringing new tastes and flavours to the masses is fuelling a food revolution across Warsaw.

Savour the flavours of exotic cuisines, the tantalising smell of freshly grilled meat and food from around the globe.

What started out as a few guys selling hipster burgers has now blossomed into ethnic cuisine and fusion foods.  Mexican, Thai, Ramen, Tibetan, Greek and Sushi have appeared amongst the street food staples of BBQ, burgers and chicken wings.

The fleet now numbers around 100 trucks; expect that figure to keep growing as more pioneers jump on the bandwagon.

Competition is fierce, keeping standards high, and although prices are a touch on the expensive side this is reflected in the quality. These guys know what they are doing! 

The toughest part of sampling the delights of the Food Trucks is tracking them down. Large gatherings occur every month throughout the summer, and smaller clusters of trucks can be found at locations and events across the City.

Once you’ve tracked down some trucks all that’s left is the tricky decision of what to eat.

How to Find The Food Trucks

A selection can be found at Targ Śniadaniowy (Breakfast Market) held every Saturday 8am – 4pm –

A rotating cast also attend the Nocy (Night) Market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings –

Occasionally the entire fleet of food trucks assembles and sells their wares to a ravenous crowd. Find out about the next monster truck gathering from ‘Food on Wheels’ –


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