Seven Days, Seven Museums – All FREE!

Spent all your money on pierogi and piwo? Never fear, time it right and you can visit a different Warsaw museum every day of the week – absolutely free. Culture, art and history that will enrich your visit without making a dent in your pocket.

Monday – Read all about it at Wilanow Poster Museum

The largest museum of its kind in the world, Warsaw Poster Museum has tens of thousands of works in its collection spanning over 100 years of poster history. Exhibitions rotate throughout the year, covering themes such as history, art and foreign posters, as well as a look at how the role of posters as an information and art medium has changed over the years. The museum is housed in the grand surroundings of Wilanow Palace.

Free every day.

Tuesday – Spend some time with the Masters at The National Museum

This huge museum houses art in its many and varied forms from Poland and beyond. Amongst the highlights are paintings by Rembrandt and Botticelli, and ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman artefacts.

It is housed in its original pre-war site – the building somehow surviving the war unscathed. When Poland fell to the Nazis the collection was looted by the gestapo, pieces were taken to order from a list drawn up on a visit in 1937. Some of the works went on to form part of Hitler’s private collection, before they were returned to the nation at the end of the war.

10am – 6pm

Wednesday – Contemplate Existence at the Museum of Modern Art

Housed in a temporary space while its on-off new flagship building is under construction, the museum houses frequently changing exhibitions of Polish and international artists. The current location, in a former furniture store, includes some very abstract pieces, so luckily there is an explanation of each in English. But is it art?

9am – 8pm – Free every day

Thursday – Immerse yourself in the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

European Museum of the Year 2016, and free on a Thursday. The museum details a thousand years of the history of Polish Jews, through stories, images, artefacts and interactive multimedia. Leave plenty of time for your trip – this is one museum where you could easily spend the entire day.

Entry to core and temporary exhibitions.

10am – 6pm (Last entry 4pm)

Friday – Marvel at the Sculptures of The Rabbit House

This former Palace in Park Arkadia was destroyed during the war, rebuilt in the 1960s, and now houses a sculpture museum. More works are on display on the ornate lawns in front of the building, and it makes a great place to relax in a deck chair on a summer’s day. The museum has a café which will prepare a picnic – complete with blanket – for you to enjoy al fresco.

11am to 6pm – Free every day

Saturday – Track down a Fighter Jet at the Polish Army Museum 

A hefty collection of military hardware with a large focus on World War Two and some fascinating cold war military equipment. Inside are displays of weapons and uniform from medieval times to the present day. Outside there are tanks, planes and enough big guns to satisfy anyone’s curiosity.

10am – 5pm

Sunday – Understand the City at the Warsaw Uprising Museum

In 1944, with the Russian Army approaching Warsaw from the east, the Polish resistance started an uprising to regain control of the City from its Nazi occupiers. Sixty-three days later it was over, the resistance defeated and Warsaw in ruins.

Learn the terrifying story of the uprising at this excellent museum, which mixes interactive exhibits and reconstructions to bring the uprising to life. The ‘City of Ruins’ 3D movie shows the scenes of devastation after the uprising with 85% of the City destroyed. Essential.

10am – 6pm

Have you attempted the seven-day museum crawl? Do you know other great Warsaw museums with free entry? Let us know in the comments below. 

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